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‘Runaway’ conventions are the order of the day!

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Most of the Arizona Legislature has agreed with the  HB2305 “Compact; Balanced Budget Amendment” bill lobbied by the Goldwater Institute and Convention of States movement to call an Article V Convention. The Legislature seems bent on amending the U.S. Constitution. This is a quick fix to a complex problem. The Constitution isn’t broken, the electorate is. Are you one of them?

Did you laugh at the concept of an out-of-control, or ‘runaway’ convention proceeding?

Have you ever experienced a ‘runaway’ convention?

Yes, you have, just last February, and there have been many other loss-of-control conventions in the past! Carl Bunce of Las Vegas documents one such convention here.

In our current political environment, ‘runaway’ is usually what happens!

On January 10, 2014 Gov. Jan Brewer opened the convention, set the time, meeting place and agenda of the convention. The ‘delegates’ to the convention selected by ‘We the People’ convened in the Arizona capitol to consider various revisions to the Arizona Statutes. They set their rules of convention, drew up a list of ‘subject amendments’ to said statutes and debated the merits of each.

One particularly popular amendment sought to clarify protections for religious conscience of Arizona business owners, as requested by ‘We the People’ of Arizona. The majority of ‘delegates’ agreed to the overwhelmingly substantiated reason and evidence, and dutifully passed the ‘amendment’.

Immediately, they lost control of the convention!

A coordinated network of external angry organizations from political to religious to business hijacked the Arizona amendments convention by changing the subject of protections for Arizona businesses for religious conscience with an angry, pro-homosexual agenda.

The ‘Progressive’ Media—TV, radio, print, and online blogs—went ballistic with a hostile, bizarre chorus of derision against the “wacko” Arizona ‘delegates’. They absurdly claimed that the Arizona ‘delegates’ wanted to “discriminate against people because of “gender preference”.

They produced false scenarios, ad hominem attacks, and relativistic efforts to dismiss the subject when their intolerant claims could not withstand critical review. Their demeaning ridicule revealed lack of a valid argument and a typical hateful intolerance for moral principles. Rhetoric comments online turned vile; now they want blackmail money donated to those same pro-homosexual organizations.

This lie was completely opposite the facts of the amendment under consideration by the convention. As a result of the media bullying and intimidation, many members of the ‘delegates’ own organizations criticized them as foolish and wrong. The amendment was sent to the desk of the Governor for her signature.

Few ‘delegates’ stood their ground. Most folded like cards and changed their votes under the intense pressure to defeat the very rights they were attempting to protect, betraying the principles of law and violating directions under which they were elected to the convention.

The governor of the convention then vetoed the amendment passed by the majority of ‘delegates’, claiming that her opinion was more important than the directions of ‘We the People’.

The convention had run away from its designated purpose.

Those who had warned the convention ‘delegates’ of the possibility of this happening before the convention were laughed at as ‘naysayers, fear-mongers and do-nothing obstructionists’. The facts were reported here, here, here, here and here. Those sounding the warning would have had the last laugh but it was really no laughing matter and Governor Brewer continued on to other unconstitutional actions while most Arizonans wondered who would protect their rights.

The socialist, pro-gay agenda won in Arizona and protections for religious freedom for business owners against frivolous lawsuits ‘bit the dust’.

“Can’t have a ‘runaway’ convention?” Arizona just did, and so were several other “Republican” conventions.

From changing convention rules on the fly, to denying delegates their rights, to disenfranchising ‘The People’ of their representation, conventions (legislatures) often experience the hijacking of their own proceedings, all done in the name of fairness! This is not ‘Rule of Law’. Hidden agendas surface and attempts at taking control for a per-determined outcome, break down proceedings because of poor leadership and disrespect of the basis for our governance as a nation.

The God-ordained Rights enjoyed by ‘The People’ slowly but ever so surely crumble as the Convention of States movement and Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force proceed to enshrine debt and deficit spending into our Constitution using some of the same tactics. While designed to “declare liberty throughout the land”, our Constitution prohibits the very things the Arizona Legislature is enacting with HB2305 and HCR2027 under pressure from special-interest lobbyists with a hidden agenda.

When the ‘right thing to do’ is no loner the basis for decisions, which legislators are the real friends of liberty? Fundamental religious protections and same-sex arrangements cannot peacefully co-exist in Arizona society. Thanks to the Arizona legislature, those protections are dwindling as the state turns from red to purple.

Our Arizona Governor routinely vetoes the principles of the U.S. Constitution while enacting ‘Progressive’ ideas that end up destroying our liberties. She claims it is “good for Arizona and will create jobs”.

Who is laughing now?

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