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Radical homosexual agenda funded by billionaire lobby

The Arizona Legislature just experienced a “runaway” convention fulfilling the Founders of our nation’s observations of an Article V convention. The negative reaction and orchestrated attack on this “values” bill is the same used in Colorado to motivate a minority to the polls on an emotional issue. Take this seriously as not only is Arizona in play to become a blue state, but also our Nation is in play to become a fascist state using Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” techniques. If you thought you could hold a Convention of States to “take back control from Congress” learn from this example on how an issue can be hijacked and the proceeding steered out of control. Or lose your God-entrusted rights.

Seeing Red AZ

Given the raucous demonstrations accompanied by cries of discrimination surrounding the issue of religious liberty  SB 1062 has engendered here in Arizonait’s worth asking the question, “Just where does all the money advancing the ‘gay’ agenda come from?”  Michael Voris, who produces ChurchMilitant.TV, provides the answer.

Voris’ own religious perspective is Catholic, but his words hold truth regardless of one’s faith.

We urge you to watch the enlighteningPink Money.”

There is no discriminatory language pertaining to “gays’ or anyone else contained inSB 1062. That fact has not kept it from becoming a rallying cry for those relentlessly pushing the homosexual agenda. 

The Arizona Republic, leading the charge against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, “came out” long ago, as we previously pointed out in the postIn their very gay element at the daily.

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